We must separately address the marvel, which is Batumi Botanical Garden. It is generally referred to as 'Mtsvane Kontskhi' and it is obvious from the name, that the area resembles the image of the garden of Eden, with the exception that it actually exists and is only 9 kilometers away from Batumi. Its formation is connected to the several researchers. It all began in the 19th century, it was gradually developed and was finally established as a park with the unique collections of flora from around the world. It is comprised of three parts - top, middle and seaside parks and it is also divided into East Asian, Himalayan, Australian, New Zealandian, Mexican, North American, South American and the Mediterranean segments. Here, the sea is always clean and pure, to such an extent, that in a calm weather, vibrantly gleaming stones are visible on the bottom. If you would like to avoid crowded beaches, you'll enjoy Mtsvane Kontskhi and swimming in the gentle waves.
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