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Telavi is one of the oldest towns in Georgia, which is located in the eastern part of the country. It is the main cultural and administrative center of Kakheti, which is considered as the focal region of viticulture and winemaking. The town is built on the north-east slope of Gombori range and is looking over the beautiful Alazani valley, which is stretching alongside the Caucasus mountain system. The town's location provides the perfect panoramic view. Anyone who has been in Telavi even once has experienced this mesmerizing image.
900-year-old plane tree situated in Telavi center is an unofficial symbol of the town and is a silent witness of historic turmoils. Kakheti royal family residence is located nearby. It was built in the 17th century by Archil II and was transformed to its current state during the reign of Erekle II. Telavi History Museum is located in the vicinity. For evening fresh air and a gorgeous view, you may visit Nadikvari park, a favorite spot for the Telavi residents. 

Telavi Theatre, which has always been the town's significant building, resides on the square. Telavi is famous for its majestic cuisine and you may enjoy it with various wines from Kakheti at the local cafes and restaurants. Alongside the wines, you may also taste Telavian craft beer - 'Alkhanaidze' and have an immersive experience of the Georgian culinary marvels. Many cafes and restaurants offer their services at modest prices. Famous Telavian Khinkali is traditionally cooked without herbs and is small in size. Chaqapuli deserves a special mention, which combines multiple flavors and of course, Mtsvadi - the pride of Kakhetian cuisine. Mtsvadi, prepared in Kakheti is something special and you may see it for yourself if you taste it in Telavi. Getting to Telavi is simple. It is only 100 kilometers away from Tbilisi Airport via Gombori pass. Telavi is one of those must-see Georgian towns if you're aiming for a comprehensive experience of Georgian cultural diversity and richness of history. 
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