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Samgerelo - the origin of the Georgian civilization. Colchis, Medea's homeland, is the birthplace of medicine. Currently, Zugdidi is its administrative and cultural center with a long-standing and remarkable history. Therefore, we could have told its story in the following manner: once upon a time, long ago, when our civilization was emerging, a small settlement appeared, it expanded gradually, progressed and gained prominence, and since the late Middle Ages was declared the political and cultural center of the Odishi province. Since then, it had endured multiple turmoils and alongside many exciting stories, it became a literature hub.
Zugdidi makes an unforgettable impression on every visitor. Megrelians' treatment of their yards and the environment is a gold standard in Georgia. Polished lawns, yards and small houses, which perfectly blend with the surroundings are mesmerizing at first sight. 

Dadiani palace, belonging to the most influential Georgian ruling house, is the main sight in Zugdidi. It accommodates a museum with countless fascinating and exceptional exponents and a botanical garden with different unique plants. Georgian endemic variety and plants from around the world are present here, which make this garden exciting for anyone who is passionate about nature. 

Apart from the gorgeous sights, spectacular landscapes and architecture, Zugdidi offers marvelous, diverse and distinct Megrelian dishes. You can experience the infamous Megrelian hospitality and a profound link between Georgian culture and European civilization. 

Mergelian cuisine has numerous distinct characteristics, but the first dishes that stand out are Ghomi and Kharcho. We must briefly mention Satsivi as well - a gem of Megrelian and Georgian cuisine. Traditionally, Satsivi is prepared from turkey and is a centerpiece of the New Year dinner table. The best Satsivi undoubtedly comes from Samegrelo. And lastly, Adjika, hot seasoning, which goes with everything. There are variations of it, but the most popular is the dry Adjika. It's a thrilling mixture of pepper, greens and spices. 

Therefore, a trip to Zugdidi is not just a lovely sightseeing experience in a special town, but rather a grand culinary adventure and Zugdidians are justifiably proud of this. 
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