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Bakuriani - When you Love and Care

Bakuriani - When you Love and Care
From news:
On October 05, 2021

With its new advertising clip, mineral water “Bakuriani” once again reminds society about the importance of water. “When you love and care” - this is the main message of the new communication, which makes people who live in a hurry, once again think about how every day you can take care of your loved ones and still feel great all day long.

Sopho Dididze, brand managerof “Bakuriani”

“In the new communication we wanted to keep the positioning of “Bakuriani” as a caregiver brand. According to the main idea of the advertising clip “Bakuriani” over time and age remains a loyal brand, which always takes care of its customers, and this is well reflected in the health and appearance. Diverse packaging of Bakuriani makes it a favorite water for people of all ages. I think that our new video exactly shows the main goal of the brand – “When you love and care.”

Creative advertising agency “Elephant” worked on the new commercial of  “Bakuriani”.  The main scene of the video was filmed in the mountains, where the purest icy water flows down.  These pine-covered mountains create a special ecological environment where the natural mineral water – “Bakuriani” is extracted.”

Irakli Bedukadze, creative director of advertising agency “Elephant”

“The concept of the video is conditioned by the continuous life cycle and its main source - water. Where there is water, there is life. Where there is life, there people are born, love each other, take care of themselves and their nearest and dearest, strive to become stronger and better. After a while, the next generation is born and follows the same path. It is a continuous cycle of life, which is constantly renewed. The main source of its existence is water.“

Vakho Chikvaidze, executive director of the advertising agency “Elephant”

We are doubly pleased to work on projects of “Bakuriani”, because we have been consumers of the brand since the day of its launch, and besides, we know the values of the brand very well, because this is not our first collaboration. A few days after receiving the brief for the new campaign our favorite concept – “When you love and care” was chosen. Technically it was quite difficult to shoot a video, as according to the script, every next frame had to be a logical continuation of the previous one, so there was no simple cutting between the frames, but there was a smooth and imperceptible transition. As a result, I think by our joint work we have a fairly emotional and memorable video.”

Mineral water “Bakuriani” is produced at Borjomi bottling plant N2. It should be mentioned that Bakuriani is a natural mineral water, saturated with an optimal quantity of mineral complexes. Due to its unique composition, it is best suited for people who like active way of life. “Bakuriani” restores the water balance in the body and is recommended for use in children’s nutrition.