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“Bakuriani 0+” - water for infants With double filtration and natural minerals. For preparing food and drinking from the first day of life

“Bakuriani 0+” - water for infants With double filtration and natural minerals. For preparing food and drinking from the first day of life
From news:
On February 16, 2022

Natural mineral water Bakuriani produced by company IDS Borjomi Georgia launched a new product in the market. For the first time in Georgia the innovative brand offers its consumers water for infants. “Bakuriani 0+” is pure spring water from the Bakuriani mountains, with double filtration for infants, which even after boiling retains the natural minerals beneficial to children, and its use is recommended for cooking for babies and for drinking when needed.

“Bakuriani 0+” is produced in accordance with the license for production and packaging of baby food products issued by the National Food Agency and is recommended by the NNLE Healthy and Safe School Alliance, of which the Association of Pediatricians of Georgia is a member.

Sopho Dididze, Brand Manager of „Bakuriani“:

Child’s organism is very delicate. Therefore, from the first minute of birth it is very important to offer your baby products that will promote healthy growth and development. Water is important for child’s health, so every parent should make sure that water which he/she gives to his/her child is absolutely harmless, of high quality and full of useful properties. “Bakuriani 0+” is water for infants, with double filtration and natural minerals, which can be used from the first day of life, both for cooking food for babies and for drinking when needed. Our main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and accustom users of “Bakuriani” to such a good habit such as drinking water from childhood. It is very important that “Bakuriani” as the healthiest product supports the use of natural food for children.”

“Bakuriani 0+” is produced in Kvibisi, at Borjomi bottling plant N2, in two packages: PET 1,5 - for cooking, and PET 0,33 l - for drinking, with “smart cap” which is absolutely hygienic. Water comes out of the bottle only by pressing the cap, so even accidental spilling of water is excluded. On the packaging worked designer of IDS Borjomi Ana Choghoshvili.

Modern and innovative, non-carbonated spring water “Bakuriani” has been a leading brand in the Georgian bottled water market for over 15 years. In 2017 “Bakuriani" developed one of the priority areas - a line of children’s water and released children’s water “Bakuriani Tsida”, the target audience of which are children 2-6 years old. In 2018, a series of toy bottles for children ages 5-10 was created in collaboration with Walt Disney.