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From Bakuriani for You!

From Bakuriani for You!
From news:
On January 16, 2024

Bakuriani”, once again offers to the public another limited edition. The newlabel of the modern and innovative brand emphasizes its origin and tells, that the water formed in the Bakuriani mountains comes to each consumer from a unique and ecologically clean environment.The main message of the limited-edition packaging is:“From Bakuriani for you!. 

Irina Keidia, Head of Marketing, IDS Borjomi Tbilisi 

“We started 2024 with an important innovation and offered customers a new limited edition Bakuriani. Our goal was to remind everyone about the advantages of “Bakuriani” water, about the special ecological environment in which this mineral water is born. We entrusted this task to the designer. The new label with snow-capped mountains and beautiful forests graphically depicts the place where “Bakuriani” is born, and the uniqueness of this water is determined by this very environment. I believethat our new packaging will accurately convey the brand's core message to every consumer.” 

Both packaging design and the communication messages of theBakuriani limited edition was done by designer Zakaria Mesropov, who also used artificial intelligence in the process of creating the label. Based on the objectives and the needs of the brand, the main messages were developed: From Bakuriani for youfor the packaging of the limited edition, andWater is born here - directly for the brand, which all together, with the logo easily conveysthe main idea. 

Zakaria Mesropov, designer 

“The main source of interest and at the same time inspiration I can directly call the product itself. Natural, clean, and transparent water, necessary for life, is the water that is born in Bakuriani. I have always wanted to work on a brand of such importance, and I am glad that I have been given this opportunity. 

The verbal part and the desire to convey the main idea to the consumer - the water that is born in Bakuriani, determined the visual direction. As a result, we got a holistic concept where all three attributes: logo, slogan and illustration look like a single organism. 

Together with the artist, we included artificial intelligence in the creation process, which gave us the opportunity to make changes to this or that concept, to work out details, to see different options and variations in real time. We have to realize that artificial intelligence is as much of a tool as a camera or graphics software.” 

The new, limited edition of “Bakuriani” is already online and will be available across Georgia within 3 months.