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“Sparkling Bakuriani” – the novelty of the leading brand of market!

“Sparkling Bakuriani” – the novelty of the leading brand of market!
From news:
On September 25, 2020

The modern and innovative brand “Bakuriani” enters the category of carbonated mineral waters and offers customers a new product – “Sparkling Bakuriani”. This new sparkling water, mildly carbonated and enriched with optimal composition of minerals has a completely different taste and novelty for the Georgian market. “Sparkling Bakuriani” belongs to the category of mild carbonated mineral waters, the sparkling taste of which makes the process of drinking water even more pleasant and fun. Noteworthy is that “Bakuriani” mineral water is produced in a special ecologically pure environment of Borjomi Gorge and this location and the optimal composition of minerals determine the uniqueness of “Bakuriani” water.

Salome Bejitashvili, “Bakuriani” Brand Manager:

“As you know, “Bakuriani” is the most favorite water for consumers and the undisputed market leader in the segment of non-carbonated mineral waters. Nevertheless, we want to be innovators and further develop our brand portfolio. The status of water N1, which has been maintained for years, has led us to the decision to enter the carbonated water category. “Sparkling Bakuriani” is a completely new taste for consumers of mineral water in Georgia, but this type of water is quite popular in different countries around the world and we hope it will gain popularity with us too.”

The packaging of “Sparkling Bakuriani” has a red cap. The design of the bottle of the new product was developed by the designer of IDS Borjomi Tbilisi – Ani Tchogoshvili:

“I tried not to break the standard line of “Bakuriani” label so that the consumer could easily understand that this is a new water from his favorite “Bakuriani” brand. We have differentiated “Sparkling Bakuriani” with red cap from the standard packaging of “Bakuriani”, which is more associated with carbonated beverages. We also put a red line and bubbles on the label, which highlights the sparkling taste of water.”

The new “Bakuriani” with sparkling taste, like ordinary “Bakuriani”, is produced by IDS Borjomi Georgia at the Borjomi bottling plant N2. At this stage, the new product is sold in only in 0.5liter PET packaging.

“Sparkling Bakuriani” makes feel you happy!