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Batumi is the main seaside town in Georgia. Present-day Batumi originated in the 19th century when an international port was established here and the cosmopolitan entrepreneurs have first arrived. The town makes its diverse history apparent to the curious ones. This architecture and city planning reveals, that many cultures have contributed to its development. Symmetrical and logical arrangement of the town makes navigation much easier - you might not even need a map. The town was formerly declared a free port and amongst notable enterpreneurs, who visited the town were The Rothschilds and The Nobels. The prize, carrying utmost significance for scientists, writers and politicians is named after Nobel. The idea of building the first oil refinery and oil pipeline to Baku is connected to the Nobel brothers. Therefore, Batumi is a live witness to the glorious and significant stories and has a diverse and multilayered character.
Apart from the seaside, resort and port aspects of Batumi, there is another character hidden beneath the surface. In the summertime, it's crowded, loud, young and energetic, with new adventures lurking behind every corner. Loud clubs, restaurants, cafes, night strolls, concerts, festivals and everything that is needed for the eruption of Caucasian eccentricity and energy is combined with multiculturality and is charging Batumi summers with international connections. 

This small, tranquil port town is full of inspiring and unusual discoveries, natural marvels and architecture, which tell their stories and are generously open to the listeners. Batumi reveals a different mood and character in other seasons: the majority of cafes, restaurants and bars are closed. This is the real Batumi with calm and friendly Batumians, rich with their own stories, which create a different 'biography' and show it from a distinct angle. This is Batumians' Batumi and it doesn't get any better. 

And lastly, the cuisine, which is the most diverse and delicious. Numerous cafes and restaurants offer variations of seafood marvels and traditional dishes. But still, Acharuli Khachapuri (cheese bread) is the main brand of the Batumian cuisine. You can't get enough of a bread cooked in the shape of a boat, with layers of cheese, butter and egg yolk. So the first question to ask when in Batumi is: 'where is the best Acharuli Khachapuri available?' joking aside, on top of all this, Batumi is for everyone and every main mode of transportation leads to it. Consequently, hotels vary as well, from a single bed rented at a private house to the famous five-star brands and wellness complexes. This town accommodates hitchhikers and campers as well as middle-class tourists, with an inclination for a moderate comfort and luxury. Batumi's appeal emanates precisely from the fact that it embraces everyone and can fit the whole world within itself. So, welcome to this marvelous, magical and the friendliest town. This is the beginning of great adventures. 
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