Ali and Nino are the characters of Kurban Said's novel by the same name. The book focuses on the mid-20th-century developments pertaining to the downfall of the old order. It describes a turmoil of lives and love between Georgian Nino and Azerbaijani Ali. They became a symbol of love and a powerful connection between these two fellow nations. This 8-meter kinetic sculpture of a woman and a man is by a famous Georgian painter and sculptor Tamar Kvesitadze. It was created in 2010 and is named after Ali and Nino and apart from love, it became a symbol of an intersection, connection and union between Europe and Asia. According to many surveys, it's been listed among the best sculptures in the world. Indeed, it's impossible to be indiffernt, when you are witnessing two giant sculptures moving towards and passing through each other, then separate and still aspire to reconnect. It's inspiring and unforgetable for every viewer.
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