Telavi is renowned for its ecological and green environment. It is girded with the forest from three sides and is fully immersed in verdancy. In the center of the town, there are gardens on both sides of the square which are known as the old and new gardens. The old garden is stretched alongside the southern wall of the royal residence, the new one is located on the opposite end, beside the theatre and as much as they are both favorite leisure spots for Telavi residents, Nadikvari still prevails as the main park of the town. It is built on a small hill and provides impressive views on the Alazani valley and the Caucasus. In Nadikvari you'll come across the open wooden arbors decorated with typical Telavian ornaments, which bring about the park's special character. Before it was burnt down in the 90s, there was a very distinctive summer theatre, executed with an utmost artistry. To this day, this remains a painful fact for the town. An important part of Nadikvari was a cafe with the open terraces and the pointed rooftops, where the delicious food was served. This building was almost completely destroyed in the 90s. After the rehabilitation, the garden has been restored and is presented with an altered shape and in accordance with the modern project. The attractions have been renewed and installed for the kids, the cafe has also been renovated with the bigger porch and the terrace, and instead of summer theatre, amphitheater was built. Evenings spent at Nadikvari are always marked as unforgettable memories, because of its location, views and overall mood.
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