Telavi Theatre, which has always been significant for the town, is situated on the square. Numerous legendary actors have performed on its stage and to this day, theatre community emphasizes the special character of the Telavian audience. They may wholeheartedly cheer, but the failures won't go unnoticed. The reason for this could be the fact that a theatre troupe existed in Telavi even at Erekle's court, which followed him in a fatal Battle of Krtsanisi. If we dig deeper, we may come across to such forms of public performances as Berikaoba (an improvised carnival), also known as Keenoba, which was held every year and the whole town participated. This tradition slowly disappeared since the Russian occupation of Kartli and Kakheti kingdoms, although an attitude towards a theatre performance was fomented as more theatre troupes were established and therefore, Telavi Theatre is one of the main points of pride of the town.
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