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“Drink and Play” Georgian Heroes - Jose and Josephine on toy bottles of “Bakuriani”!

“Drink and Play” Georgian Heroes - Jose and Josephine on toy bottles of “Bakuriani”!
From news:
On February 23, 2023

Natural mineral water Bakuriani offers its little consumers newproduct.Children's new series of Bakuriani water was created in collaboration between IDS Borjomi Georgia and animation studio “Velocipede.”  The toy bottles of Bakuriani depict children’s favorite characters of Georgian animation - giraffe Jose and giraffe Josephine.

            The communication message of Bakuriani toy bottles “Drink and Play” remains unchanged, as the aim of the brand is to instill in consumers the healthy habit of drinking water from childhood.

Nino Guntsadze, New Product Development Manager

“For many years “Bakuriani” mineral water has been developing a children's line and creating a series of favorite characters for young consumers. We promote healthy lifestyles and try to teach children the importance of drinking water from an early age through play. The Velocipede Studio creates a series of educational cartoons for children that promote their development. We would like the cheerful giraffe Jose along with “Bakuriani” to explain to children the importance of drinking water. That is why the main communication message remains – “Drink and Play”, because we know how important water and play are for children's development. I would also like to mention that very soon we will please our kids with another good news.”

Georgi Marshania, General Director of Velocipede Studio

“I think the audience of giraffeJose was waiting for this news, and I am glad that we together with Bakuriani made this gift to the Jose’s friends. I'm sure that with Jose and Josephine, the kids will love water more, and drinking water will be even more fun. I think this is interesting news for parents as well, because Jose and Josephine will be around their children every day and will joyfully remind the little ones how important it is to drink water. We promise that together with Bakuriani we will offer you many more news. Until then, remember: #Joselovesyou.”

Bakuriani toy bottles, in special 0,33l packages, are produced at Borjomi bottling plant N2. Giraffe Jose and giraffe Josephine, in three different packages, have already appeared at stores.