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Series of City Illustrations from Bakuriani

Series of City Illustrations from Bakuriani
From news:
On July 18, 2019

Another news from mineral water brand Bakuriani: with the aim of promoting Georgia, Bakuriani decorated it’s labels with the illustrations of major Georgian cities. Bakuriani invites you for a journey through different cities of the country with its colourful, interesting and outstanding labels. Labels feature five different locations: Tbilisi, where every street has its own story to tell and the buildings are keepers of the past; Kutaisi - the second biggest and once the throne city of the country; Telavi – the heart of Kakheti also known as the homeland of wine, the liveliest and noisiest city - Batumi, known as Porto Franco in earlier times, and Zugdidi that leaves every visitor with lasting impressions. The campaign is designed for locals as well as tourists.

Salome Bezhitashvili, Brand Manager of Bakuriani:

‘We want the leading local brand Bakuriani to further fuel the feeling of pride in Georgians and, at the same time, to offer tourists a glimpse of the major Georgian cities and their attractions and to induce interest in everyone to visit these places. I’d like to believe that our new colourful labels used for Bakuriani 0.5-litre PET packaging will make hot summer days even more enjoyable and serve as a pleasant surprise for our customers.’

Illustrations of five different Georgian cities are collaboration between Bakuriani in-house designer Ani Chogoshvili and an independent artists-illustrator Gameza.

Ani Chogoshvili, Designer at Bakuriani:

‘Our mission was to create colourful and distinguished labels that would carry a range of emotions. It was important to find an interesting approach to transferring the cities onto the labels; for this reason we decided to entrust Gameza to work on the illustrations and I think we made the right choice.’

Gameza, Artist:

‘The moment I heard about this interesting idea, I embarked on an imaginary quest analysing typical traits, shapes and details of the cities. I regularly work in different styles when painting my hometown – Tbilisi, I can paint it with my eyes shut. As for the other cities, I have hardly worked on them, while some were for the first time. ’

‘Obviously it was a new and interesting challenge for me and along with painting the main sites, I also worked on illustrating the landscape peculiarities.

‘We tried to make the labels as explicit, guessable, exciting and interesting as possible, for people of any age, for the Georgians as well as for foreign visitors.’

Specifically for the campaign, we have created a website http://cities.bakurianiwater.ge/ with useful information about major Georgian cities in the Georgian and English languages. It is possible to visit the page by using the QR code on the labels, to find out why you should travel to different cities of Georgia and which sights and attractions are a must see in each of them.