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5 Most wholesome fruit

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On May 07, 2014
by Anika
Have you heard the phrase “super foods”? Being oriented on super healthy food isn’t only a trend of today but it is a basic component of our lives. The first benefit of healthy food is the extension of life. Moreover, it prevents certain diseases and helps maintaining beauty and youth as long as possible. Today we won’t talk about the super foods in general, but will cover one cluster called “super fruit” and its most wholesome ones.

Let’s begin with an apple, namely red and green apples that are especially rich in vitamins С, В1, В2, Р, Е and calcium. It is important to know that eating an apple without peeling is better, because the skin contains the highest amount of insoluble cells, which helps to get rid of additional cholesterols from blood, thus prevents heart diseases.


Choosing fruit as a snack is a good decision, but the habit has one disadvantage: eating fruit doesn’t satisfy us for a long time, so we get hungry soon. Therefore, while choosing a fruit remember about banana, which is rich in calcium, regulates blood pressure, reduces the risk of a stroke, fills you with energy, as well as filling you for a long time.
Blackberry – full of antioxidants will become a wholesome product in your beloved man’s nutrition diet as well. It prevents cancer and boosts testosterone production, besides it is perfect for the eyesight.


Blueberries are also one of the main products for eyesight and next to the benefit of being full of antioxidants, American research shows that flavonoids (the components of blueberries) improve memory and postpone the process of brain aging for about 2.5 years.


Dietician Kerry Glassman claims that cherries are irreplaceable fruits. Its dark red color comes from the antioxidant anthocyanin, which prevents inflammation of the vascular system and helps decreasing the cholesterol level in body. Cherries are especially healthy after physical activity such as fitness, because it relieves muscle pain and exhaustion.
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