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Five Exercises to Firm Beautiful Buttocks

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On June 22, 2018
by Anika

For me, fitness is one of the best opportunities to get energy, boost mood and just to relax, but all these benefits are additional because the main point of fitness is to improve body health and get beautiful shapes. After trying many fitness centers, home workout is still the best option for me: I put any of the videos of American personal trainer Jillian Michaels on, depending on my mood, and exercise in full comfort.

Jillian is the only trainer with whom I have always preferred to exercise. Several years ago, together with two founders of Tone It Up, Jillian recorded a rather successful series of joint exercises. This is how I discovered the girls, and later I found out that they have one of the best cycles of exercises for the buttocks zone.

Here are 5 top exercises I want to share with you in today's post:skyword-image-352302


Jumping on the box – this movement works as aerobic exercise - increasing heart beat and is the best workout for the buttock muscles and lower tendons of the knee. Stand in front of the box with legs about the width of the hips. Start with the squatting position, push and jump on the box so that the legs are still bent at the knees, then return to the starting position and repeat it 20 times.


Sumo squats – this movement effectively trains the buttocks and quadriceps of the thigh and its inner muscles. Stand so that the feet are wider than shoulders, hold dumbbells in your hands and start doing bucket workout, so that the abdominal muscles are stretched with the back straight and then go back to the starting position. Repeat it 25 times.



Deadlift – it’s an ideal workout for buttock muscles and lower tendons of the legs. Feet should be on the width of thighs, dumbbells are held in front so that the palms should face inward toward your body. With the straight back lean forward towards the ankles and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 20 times.


This movement trains quadriceps of the buttocks and lower tendons of the legs. As we squat, the right leg is behind with dumbbells in our hands. Lift the other foot and transfer all your body weight onto the left foot. Raise your right leg, after which we return to our original position. Repeat 15 times.


Deep squat exercises – this movement exercises the buttocks and quadriceps of the thigh muscles. Stand upright with your feet at the shoulder width, take the dumbbells in your hands at the height of the shoulders. Start squatting, as if trying to sit on a low chair and then return to the original position.

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