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Getting Ready for Summer Season: Seven Simple Workouts for Breast and Chest

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On May 28, 2018
by Anika
For a well-shaped body, seasons don't matter but we should admit that in summer, when our clothes tend to be lighter and more airy, physical activity becomes more significant. Chest and breast area become more visible, thus require a special attention. Firming the zone is quite simple, the only point is to accurately select exercises and repeat them systematically.

Today we offer 7 simple and effective workouts that need to be done at least 3-5 times a week:

1. Compared to the horizontal position on the floor, doing this exercise with the help of a ball enables us to train our triceps and chest more.

2. This movement with the dumbbells works in two ways at the same time: by training the spine and the chest together, the breasts lift higher and becomes firmer.


3. In fact, this workout unites two movements that allow muscles of the upper part of the body to be fully trained.


4. Typically, plank workouts are ideal for the abdominal area and generally for flexibility and stability. By doing torso movements, at the same time the upper part of the body is trained – as a result the whole body gets firmer.


5. While performing this movement in a horizontal position and generally during any chest exercise, remember that it is important to squeeze the chest (or the pectoral muscles) when lifting your hands up.


6. This movement is ideal for training triceps muscles - beautiful arms are desirable for everyone, aren’t they? In addition, if we perform this exercise properly, we will also get our chest muscles in shape.


7. Since the body adapts quickly to stress and becomes accustomed to the selected exercise routine, it is therefore advisable to periodically change this movement, vary dumbbell weight and the number of repetitions.


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