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Hair Care at Different Ages

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On November 30, 2016
by Anika
How to treat face skin at 30, 40 or 50 – all this will be discussed in Anika’s blog. Today I want to share specialists’ recommendations about the difference in hair care routine by age - the difference is quite significant, and let's find out what is going on in this direction.

How do we take care of hair when we are over 30? Hair professionals’ advice is to start looking after our hair and scalp health as early as possible. Unfortunately, statistics show that with age, hair gets thinner, which is sad, but true. That’s why, from the age of 30, for hair care as well as skin care, moisturizing is the key point. Moisture loss in hair causes dryness, so it is essential to use a high quality conditioner that will moisturize and soften your hair. Besides, it is important to avoid a harmful effect of drying with hot air. Of course, it is very difficult to reject a perfectly shaped hairstyle by a beauty salon professional, but systematic hair drying can also have a bad effect on the greasy layer and the condition of the hair in general.

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By the age of 40 additional needs arise in the hair care. With time, the greasy layers protecting hair get thinner and as a result, the hair dries up. For complex care, hair requires more elements to protect thinning hair from harmful impacts, strengthens it, nourishes the scalp and restores hair to its full length. For those who dye their hair, stylists recommend choosing a few shades lighter color than one’s natural hair so as to have a relatively youthful look.

Along with the hair care, by the age of 40, food is rather important too, which should have a high proportion of vegetables and proteins. Hazelnuts and pomegranates are quite a good source for hair nourishment. In case of split ends or hair loss, the recommendation is to take a complex of vitamins containing calcium and zinc.

By the age of 50 gray and lifeless hair comes to the foreground. In this case, shampoos and conditioners, which are used weekly aren’t enough and twice a week you should certainly add some deeply restorative hair masks. When it comes to nutrition, it is important to have more B-vitamins and proteins in your diet, well-balanced with healthy minerals: calcium, zinc and iron that will supply your hair with oxygen. For the best result, professional procedures such as hair mesotherapy, hair spa therapy and hair growth enhancing products can be used.

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