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How to Deal with Active and Over-curious Kids

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On June 12, 2018
by Anika
Parents know what it means to have a curious child and it does not depend on their age, ability to walk or crawl. Their curiosity is always in action even when they mess things up, throw items around or tear them up. This stage of child development is quite difficult for parents because it needs being constantly attentive and continuously saying: ‘It’s not allowed’; ‘Don’t do that’; ‘Don’t touch it’; ‘Don’t drop it’; ‘Don’t tear it up’ and so on. All this requires a lot of effort on the part of parents, extreme control of their emotions, which is hard to deal with and, at the same time, it is less beneficial for kids.

It is not recommended to interfere or stop a strong desire in children to learn something new, because they should have an opportunity to learn about the unknown world around them. Child psychologists give us some useful tips, so that this process does not appear too dramatic and noisy for us. Actually, to compensate some specific restrictions we have to offer kids the games that fulfill their interests.

- Children's interest in electrical plugs can be replaced by a wooden box with holes of different sizes, where children are able to drop and then retrieve various small items.

- Looking into parents’ bags is always a desirable activity for kids. Therefore, we can find some used bags and put inside various small objects, which will provide a safe and funny activity at the same time for children.

POV Baby Boy Opening Exploring and Looking Inside Toy Box

- Playing with compact CDs is one of the most favorite entertaining activities for my children. In this case, a way out could be finding alternative CDs (old ones or some advertising CDs, not in use anymore) and place them in visible locations, so as to divert a child’s attention.

- Playing in a closet and throwing things out is one of the most painful issues for me, but there is a solution for this situation as well: we should take old fabrics, useless clothes and put them in a drawer of children’s closet, so that they have access to them.

- Books and magazines: we should find old magazines and catalogues and place them in a reachable location for children, where they will easily leaf through or just tear them up if needed.

- In case of throwing pots, utensils and products out of kitchen closet, we should keep yogurt, cheese and other items in a non-breakable packaging.
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