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How to Shape Weakened Legs

From Blog:
On September 25, 2018
by Anika
The more time I spend sitting in the office in front of the computer, the more effort is needed to recover my weakened legs. Everyone knows that while sitting, blood circulation slows down and the position endorses formation of cellulite, especially on the upper part of the legs. Getting weakened legs back in shape requires a lot of work and to make this process highly effective, we’ll share several useful advices by popular American fitness instructor Rudy Meyer:

1. While training your legs it’s important to improve your endurance. Without it, a desirable result cannot be achieved, or it may be delayed. In fact, you use your legs to move from one point to another every day and it doesn’t require any additional load from you. However, if more effort isn’t put into training, no great result will be reached in the improvement of your leg muscles and in firming them. Therefore, the instructor’s recommendation is to use some weights, for instance, dumbbells while doing squatting exercise.

2. It’s important to focus on leg muscles to bring them in shape again. Of course, there are many other kinds of exercises that additionally train them, but being oriented only on leg muscles forces them to be trained and helps you to shape them as you want, Meyer claims.

3. Only fitness exercise cannot reach the desired result, and food is important too. All the effort including continuously exercising even with weights will be lost if the nourishment isn’t balanced and rich in nutrients. Unhealthy food immediately affects your body shape for the worse.

4. Choose effective exercises such as different forms of squatting and leg lifting in horizontal and sitting position. Experienced instructors can easily choose the right exercises for you or if you prefer training at home, then search for leg muscle workouts: squats, lunges, leg extensions and deadlifts.

5. Leg workout needs constant training. Meyer recommends starting exercising by two times a week and then gradually increasing the duration. However, allow the muscles to rest for about 24 hours, which means that only every other day you can do one specific muscle group exercises.


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