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Kids’ Sports and Its Influence on their Health

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On June 22, 2017
by Anika
Typically, for parents sport has a highly positive meaning and is associated with health and child’s general improvement. I had the same thoughts, that’s why both my kids started to take swimming lessons from the age of four, and I was happy and pleased because I knew that these kinds of activities lead to better immune system and would only have a positive impact on children.

Unfortunately, not everything about sport is beneficial, doctors claim, especially when they talk about children’s sport. Nowadays, our surroundings abound in different advertisements and offers of sports activities and clubs for kids over four years. The influence may be so strong that we even cannot realize whether a certain activity is necessary for a four-year-old kid and if so, then which one is suitable for a child.


Doctors and child psychologists give us several recommendations about what we should know before involving children in different sports activities:

- Modern sports clubs and their strict discipline can be quite stressful for children: in some cases, such strictness can suppress one’s individualism, while in other cases it can promote the development of leadership features. Moreover, if the kid is involved in one specific sport activity from early childhood, the only goal for them will be to show a result, while they lose interest for everything else.

- As professionals claim, those children who are highly involved in sports mostly have attention deficit and are constantly tired, because systematic overburdening of the muscles worsens blood supply to their brain, while blood is mainly responsible for restoring the muscle tissue. Considering the above-mentioned reasons, statistics show that these kids have lower academic achievements compared to their peers.

-And finally, early childhood traumas lead to different problems and unpleasant consequences in the future.

Doctors’ recommendation is to visit a specialist before choosing a specific sport activity for kids.

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