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Low-calorie Fruits and the Importance of Fruit Portions

From Blog:
On June 14, 2018
by Anika
Probably you have often heard and read that you aren’t limited in eating vegetables, that you can eat as much as you wish and it won’t affect your weight. Many nutritionists agree with the issue, but it’s not the same with fruits.

Although fruits are rich in vitamins and are healthy, it’s not recommended to take them in large amounts. The type and quantity of fruit that we take should be particularly controlled if we try to lose weight. If one is dieting, a huge attention should be paid to the selection of low calorie fruits that will have the highest proportion of fiber, besides it’s important to control their received amount.

In different diets there are dissimilar portions mentioned, so let’s make it clear:

One portion of any kind of fruit = one average sized fruit
One portion of berries = 75 gr of berries
One portion of banana = half of an average sized banana


AS for low-calorie fruits, we have the choice from the followings:

Peach – there are 58 kcal and 2 grams of fiber in an average sized peach and it’s a good source of A and C vitamins.

Grapefruit – half of a big grapefruit contains 52 kcal and like peaches, it’s also rich in fiber and is a great source of vitamin C.

Melon – a glass of diced melon (approximately 180 gr.) has 53 kcal, as well as a large amount of vitamin A and C.

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