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Nutrition Time and Weight Loss

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On March 27, 2014
by Anika
I've heard many questions from people willing to get fit about the importance of nutrition time, such as: “Will I lose weight if I eat nothing after 6 p.m.?” or “They say an 18-hour interval is quite effective, isn’t it?” Let’s stop guessing and try to rely on professionals’ answers. That’s why we decided to share American specialists’ recommendations about weight loss and healthy nutrition diet.

The short answer to the above mentioned question is: yes, the main point of healthy nutrition is to eat right and what’s more, at specific times.

Although the calorie intake from food during the day is the same, it can still affect metabolism during meals, thus assist weight loss or weight gain. “To have a control on your body weight isn’t an easy task because it depends on the relationship between the brain, hormones and neurotransmitters with the metabolism, doctor Clainer claims. So, if any of the mentioned factors decide that the calories you took during the day wasn’t enough, the metabolism will decrease, appetite will increase and the process of weight loss will slow down.

That’s why breakfast is of great importance, ideally taken in an hour after waking up. Moreover, if you drink water before the breakfast, it will boost your metabolism and remember that the more time passes from waking up to the first meal, the lower your chances are of burning calories.

The second important aspect is to maintain a 3-hour interval between meals. This will help to balance sugar level in your blood during the day, which results in proper functioning of metabolism, as well as providing enough energy for the whole day. In ideal case, your last meal should be taken before the sunset. As doctor Justice states, patients who take their final meal until 19:30 are more energetic and productive the next day. Generally, metabolism starts to slow down at 16:00 and the lowest point is reached at night, while we sleep.

To sum up, there is no strict or ideal nutrition rule that can guarantee weight loss. However, if your purpose is to lose weight, then taking heavy portions in the first half of the day will be a good idea, keep light ones for the second part of the day. If you get used to starting the day with a healthy and hearty breakfast, controlling your weight and appetite for the whole day will become much easier.

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